Property Management Services

Real estate value maximization is built upon the strategic long-term and day-to-day management of a commercial property. Operating from an ownership perspective, Hunington Properties’ experienced property managers continually seek to improve a building’s performance while implementing the steps necessary to protect value and retain tenants.

When assuming responsibility for a client’s investment – from shopping centers and retail developments to office properties and business parks – we first gain a detailed understanding of the overall investment objectives, hold period, and budgetary constraints, then create a detailed plan for the property that will allow it to exceed our client’s expectations.

We look for methods to boost income, and our recommendations for any potential capital outlays are backed with thorough cost/benefit analysis. Thanks to the continually-growing size of Hunington Properties’ third-party management portfolio, we are able to leverage economies of scale and relationships with top security, housekeeping, and landscaping vendors that ensure superior services at a competitive rate.

Our property managers and building engineers work diligently to create a professional environment for tenants in our buildings, maximizing customer service and tenant retention while constantly seeking to control and reduce operating costs. Our property accounting professionals ensure that records are accurate and financial reports are timely, detailed, and provide direction for the asset’s ongoing improvement.

From entrepreneurial investors and 1031 tax-exchange buyers to institutional owners and foreign capital sources, Hunington Properties offers a successful track record helping clients acquire, finance, and dispose of income-producing real estate assets.