Tenant Representation Services

Companies of all sizes that lease commercial space turn to Hunington Properties to help them get the most from their real estate assets. Serving as their exclusive representative, we help our tenant clients determine their specific needs, analyze the market for properties that work for them, and then help negotiate a lease that minimizes costs and liability while maximizing flexibility and tenant rights.

As a real estate advocate, our professionals provide the “real time” market information needed to uncover all potential options and recommend an optimum real estate solution. But before entering the market and touring space, we first build client consensus regarding their financial, operational, and image requirements and help manage the space planning process.

We also leverage our knowledge of various buildings’ investment structures, lender involvement, and our relationships with area landlords to craft a customized negotiating strategy that will achieve our client’s goals. Only then to we begin focusing on the select group of building alternatives that can meet our client’s objectives – we have found this approach reduces the project time frame while maximizing negotiating leverage.

Using specialized financial tools to develop “apples to apples” comparisons of each alternative’s impact on the bottom line, we then make a recommendation and help negotiate and document the lease. Going forward, Hunington Properties’ tenant broker experts help our clients further maximize their real estate by assisting in the build-out construction and/or move management, and provide ongoing services such as expense reviews, building ownership and market studies, and much more.