About Us

Hunington Properties was established in 1984 by Sandy P. Aron. Since that time, he has built a team of like-minded professionals who realize commercial real estate success is built on a combination of honor, perseverance, market savvy, hard work, and a commitment to helping clients achieve their financial objectives.

This dedication to maximizing the value of our clients’ real estate has resulted in steady, continual growth for the firm in terms of total employees, geographic coverage, and total square footage. Over the past few years– representing one of the most challenging real estate markets in history – Hunington Properties annual milestones include:

  • Management of 150 retail properties located across Texas and the South/Central US
  • Negotiation of numerous lease transactions, representing both clients and tenants
  • Numerous sales and acquisitions of income-producing properties on behalf of investors
  • Building, renovating, and managing the construction details of commercial development projects
  • Consulting on specialized situations representing the opportunity to add value and/or create savings that total millions of dollars for our clients

As a private commercial brokerage firm, the focus of Hunington Properties is always on our clients, not on Wall Street. Our flat and entrepreneurial organizational structure and hands-on management means that we can quickly react and adjust to ever-changing market conditions. Our experience and insight allows us to identify and capitalize on market trends often well in advance of our larger competitors. And our dedicated in-house support allows our professionals to do what they do best – help our clients get the most out of their real estate.

To learn more about the professionals that comprise the Hunington Properties organization, visit Our Team.