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Lease costs can represent a significant part of your business expenses. At Hunington, we apply our expertise to help you find the best location with lease terms that work for you today and into the future. We’ll help identify your current and future real estate needs by assessing financial, environmental and operational criteria. Then, we’ll provide you with a portfolio of feasible locations to simplify the selection process. When it’s time to make the deal, we’ll handle the negotiation process so you can concentrate on your business. We provide full market research capabilities to ensure each decision reflects the most up-to-date intelligence available, and advise you on how to best leverage your tenancy in the market to achieve maximum value and flexibility.

We provide a transaction management process that saves clients time gets to grand openings faster and results in better bottom lines. And our relationships with landlords keep us on top of retail development, existing inventory, and upcoming retail space. To craft a negotiating strategy that will achieve your goals, we leverage our knowledge of various buildings’ investment structures, lender involvement goals.

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